More rides planned for Kentucky State Fair Thrillway this year

The excitement is building for the Kentucky State Fair, which begins August 19.

Despite losing Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, fair officials say the Thrillway will actually have more rides this year, compared to last year.

Officials say they'll have more than 50 midway rides available this year. That's up from 42 in 2009.

"The fair has always been focused on being forward-thinking while still maintaining its tradition and culture. Being unable to offer Kentucky Kingdom rides allows us to showcase a greater number and variety of midway rides," said Harold Workman, Kentucky State Fair Board President and CEO, in a news release.

Fair officials say this is the first time since 1989 the state fair will open without the adjoining amusement park.

Officials hope to reopen the Kentucky Kingdom amusement park under new ownership next year.

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