Insect-Borne Virus Spreading To Kentucky Cattle Herds

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As the virus known as blue tongue continues to kill thousands of deer in Kentucky.

Something else in Jackson County seems to be killing roosters, ducks, dogs and even a horse.

Two families in Tyner are searching for answers tonight after several animals on both their properties suddenly died.

The animals, which showed almost identical symptoms, died just days apart, and now their owners think the deaths are related.

We should warn you, the footage in this story may be disturbing to some viewers.

Delbert Williams makes his living growing crops on this plot of land.

But now, it seems that something in the very land that he uses to feed his family is killing his chickens, his ducks, his dog and his horse.

“We come home and found one dog laying dead, then a 3,000 dollar horse laying down on the other end of the field , laying there, bleeding from the mouth,” Williams said.

Williams says he's afraid that more animals could still die.

As he feeds his healthy chickens, they flock to the seeds, but in this coop, as he continually tries to feed this rooster, it refuses to eat. He says the bird probably won't make it through the night.

Unsure of what's causing the sick animals, Williams and his family can't eat or sell the crops they've worked so hard to plant.

“If they got poison or something or it's a virus or something, I'll have to burn off my whole garden and won't be able to use nothing out of it,” Victoria Williams said

State police are investigating what caused all these animals to suddenly die and if it is related to the blue tongue virus that's killed so many deer and even some cattle.

Both a living and a dead chicken from the Williams' farm will be sent to Lexington for blood tests.

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