Search For Robbery Suspect Continues

He walked into a Lexington restaurant asking for blueberry muffins, and ended up robbing it.

Lexington Police are now searching for Jason Dwayne Riley, who they say was caught on tape robbing the Richmond Road Perkins.

Police say just before five, Riley walked into the Perkins on Richmond Road. The man behind the counter didn't think too much about it, until the robber told the manager he had a gun. After getting what little cash was in the register, he left the restaurant.

The manager gave chase and was able to flag down a car passing by, except authorities say the car he was trying to wave down for help was actually the two people who let him jump into the car and drive away.

After speaking with the people inside Perkins, police were able to get a warrant for the arrest of Jason Riley.

Among the many other charges Riley has faced since 2001, five of them have been for burglary in the first degree.

Police say no one was hurt during the robbery.

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