Family Wanting Answers After Pets Mysterious Death

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A Lincoln County family fears their pet goat may have been the victim of a Satanic ritual.

The family was horrified when they found their pet goat "Ike" decapitated and left in their yard.

The little goat who's named after president Dwight Eisenhower was always getting into something says Kim Watts his owner. She says he enjoyed playfully head-butting the cow's in the family's pasture.

It was in that pasture that family members found the "little Ike" dead.

His owner says he was decapitated, and appeared to have been pierced with a sharp object and had his body drained of all it's blood.

She also says the family never found his head. All those factors lead watts to believe Ike was not killed by an animal. She fears he may have been killed as part of some satanic ritual.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's department is looking into this case. They are not confirming that Ike's death is a result of a satanic ritual. However, the sheriff says he has never personally seen anything like this before.

The family that owned Ike is so serious about catching his killer that they are offering a reward to anyone who can give police information that will lead to the arrest of Ike's murder.

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