Sheriff Investigating Prank, Possibly By Young People

STANFORD, Ky. (AP) - The beheading of a pet goat in southeastern
Kentucky is being investigated as a "prank," and not a satanic

That's Lincoln County Sheriff Kurk Folger's opinion of why the senseless crime was committed.

Kim Watts says her goat, "Ike," was found dead in a pasture near her home Wednesday night. It had been beheaded, stabbed and drained of its blood. Watts says the head of her pet could not be found.

Folger says there has been no satanic ritual activity in the county and he believes some young people may be responsible. He says they will be charged with cruelty to animals and if they are in possession of the head, they will also be charged with theft.

Folger said some "kids" will likely be rounded up for questioning about the incident.

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