Eastern Kentucky Child Mauled By Dog

KNOTT COUNTY, KY -- A serious situation in eastern Kentucky, where a 3-year-old has been mauled by a dog.

Family members tell 27 NEWSFIRST three-year-old Hunter Sloane was outside his family's home in the Raven Community of Knott County when the dog attacked.

The boy's grandmother, Joyce Jacobs, told WKYT-TV 27 Newsfirst she was outside supervising the child at the time when the dog attacked without provocation. Ms. Jacobs also said the boy's mother was in the doorway at the time of the attack. "If we hadn't been there, that dog would have killed the boy," said Jacobs. Ms. Jacobs says she and her daughter were able to intervene in time, or she says the injuries would have been more severe. The grandmother also said that the dog in question belongs to a neighbor.

The little boy was flown to a hospital in West Virginia with what family describe as a severe bite to the side of his face and ear.

Family says they don't know why the dog, who they describe as friendly, attacked the child. The dog has been taken by animal control.

Hunter Sloane is now in stable condition at a West Virginia hospital.

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