Historical Landmark Destroyed By Fire

Memories go up in smoke when a historical landmark in Rowan County burns.

An early morning fire destroyed most of the Haldeman Elementary School just east of Morehead, and fire officials say it looks like a case of arson.

The Haldeman School was built in 1937, but it has sat empty for close to two decades.

Even so, it was a landmark in the community, until now.

The fire was spotted just after four this morning and now the only thing left is the gymnasium.

A witness says it looked like the fire started in the front center of the building and it spread quickly.

By the time crews made it to the scene we're told it was fully engulfed in flames.

There were four engine companies called in and around 50 people fighting the big fire.

Jerome Bowen, with the Hays Crossing Haldeman Fire Department, says it's sad to see something like this happen to a place that held so many memories for so many people.

Bowen says one of the biggest problems fighting this fire today was the inadequate water source for a fire of this size.

There is no hydrant within two miles of the scene; they had seven tankers shuttling water to the fire.

Fire officials say there was no electricity or water to the building, and all signs point to arson.

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