Frankfort Landfill Hoping To Expand

The Benson Valley Area Landfill in Frankfort is looking for room to grow, since 2001 owners have been trying to get the proper permits for a 97-acre expansion.

But along the way, they've run into opposition from neighbors and obstacles from the State Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet.

The Benson Valley Landfill is filling up and quickly, so much so they anticipate needing 97 more acres to hold all the incoming trash, something neighbors are noticing.

It doesn't seem to bother most of the people living close to the landfill, until they hear that what's going into the landfill could be hazardous.

On September 12th, an environmental inspector say he found the amount of industrial waste chromium to be higher than is allowed by law.

That violation that could cost $25,000 a day, and to clean it up would cost 65 to 100 thousand dollars.

Allied Waste Services who owns and operates the landfill refused to comment, but neighbors say judging on past experiences, this latest bump in the road will not deter the company from trying to expand.

A spokesperson from the Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet says the violation is similar to going 71 miles an hour in a 70 zone.

But, they also say a violation is a violation, and the company needs to take care of it before October 3st to continue the permit process.

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