Widows Honored By Kentucky Justice Association

The Kentucky Justice Association honored five women who lost loved ones in recent tragedies.

Two lost their husbands in the crash of Comair Flight 5191, the other three lost their husbands in mine accidents-- including the Darby Mine disaster last year in Harlan County.

Kathy Ryan and Sarah Fortney, whose husbands died in the crash of Flight 5191, worked unsuccessfully to pass legislation that would have allowed spouses to bring suit for loss of companionship.

Stella Morris, Claudia Cole, and Melissa Lee succeeded in getting the Kentucky lawmakers to pass laws to improve safety in Kentucky coal mines where their husbands died.

Never one to mince words, Kathy Ryan ended her acceptance speech today by challenging the leadership of the state senate.

She said she hoped Senate President David Williams, Senator Dan Kelly and Senator Kathy Stein will regain their "humanity" and their "common sense" and find a way to support their bill when they bring it back to them in January.

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