Jury deliberating fate of doctor charged with murder

The jury is now deciding the fate of a central Kentucky doctor accused of murdering his wife.

The jury began deliberating Dr. Steven Hall's case around 12:30 Tuesday afternoon in Boyle County.

Just before 6, the jury asked the judge to review the testimony of a witness who heard Isabel Hall cry for help, just before she was run over by her husband's pontoon boat.

The jury also learned they would spend the night sequestered in a hotel room if they do not reach a decision Tuesday evening.

That prompted one juror to ask for Ibuprofen.

Earlier in the day, the defense for Dr. Hall called its final witness, which was followed by closing arguments.

Hall is accused of killing his wife, Isabel, with a pontoon boat on Herrington Lake last year.

The defense only presented its case for a day and a half. Its final witness was a former member of the Coast Guard, who's also a boat accident re-constructionist.

Henry Lipian told the jury he went on the lake on a pontoon boat and tried to reenact the incident that happened in May 2009.

Isabel Hall was struck and killed by a pontoon boat piloted by her husband, Dr. Steven Hall.

Hall was arrested for murder, but he says the incident was an accident.

Lipian told the jury how hard it is to maneuver a pontoon boat on the water. He also testified it's easy to get disoriented and difficult to stop a boat once it's in motion.

Lipian also said, even if Hall's wife was yelling for help, it would have been hard to determine where she was in the water.

"If you heard the yell, I don't think you could tell the direction it's coming from specifically, if you're on a collision course with the source of the sound," Lipian said.

The prosecution argues that Dr. Hall killed his wife because he was falling in love with another woman.

The defense did not call Dr. Hall to testify on his own behalf before resting its case.

The jury has been given a number of options for Dr. Hall: guilty of murder, guilty of manslaughter, guilty of reckless homicide, or innocent of all charges.

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