Former Teacher Fears For Children Found Living In Filth

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Frankfort police found two children and 99 year old man living in filth. Now a former teacher of one of the children living in filthy conditions told 27 NEWSFIRST that she reported the abuse to social services a year ago, but nothing was done.
James Flood, 60, his wife, Jean Flood, 58, and son, James Flood II, 38, all of 907 Bryant-Benson Road were indicted for first-degree criminal abuse. The children have been pulled from the home but are still staying with the family.
Investigators say the 99 year old man is now in assisted living.
On Sunday, the former teacher, who wishes to remain anonymous says one child would routinely come to school with dark circles under his eyes and bite marks on his arms.
The teacher told social services at the first sign of abuse but says it took until now for any action to come of it.
She says she is still afraid that as long as the children are with the Flood family they are in danger.
A representative from social services was not available for comment.

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