Man arrested for impersonating officer

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A man is in jail accused of impersonating a sheriff's deputy. Georgetown Police arrested 56-year-old Monte Duvall after getting a complaint from a family holding a yard sale. They say Duvall claimed to be a deputy, then stole several items from them.

In hindsight, Judy Hobbs says it's clear she was being scammed. "It was just one thing after another to make you feel sorry for him," Hobbs said.

Judy's son Adam says Monte Duvall never got out of his car when he went shopping at the family's yard sale, but as he pointed out the items he wanted, he told Adam he had just been released from the hospital, that he was a Vietnam veteran, and that he was a double amputee from the waist down. "He actually showed me that they were prosthetics," Adam Hobbs said, "so we felt sorry for him, and we showed him the stuff, and he told us that he wanted it, so everything that he told us, we took and we wrapped it up for him."

Adam Hobbs says Duvall also claimed to be a sheriff's deputy, and when a motorcycle came speeding by the house, Duvall tried to get Hobbs to jump out in front of the bike to help Duvall make an arrest. "He said, 'I'm a deputy sheriff.' I said I'm not going to jump out in front of him and stop him because I don't want to get hit," Adam Hobbs said.

That refusal seemed to irritate Duvall, who was already becoming a very demanding customer. "We even had to make him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich," Adam Hobbs said. "He said his sugar level was falling, and he needed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to bring it back up," Judy Hobbs continued, "so I fixed him one."

Finally, Hobbs says Duvall started an argument about some of the purchases. By then the family had had enough. "My brother said give me my stuff back," Adam Hobbs said, "The dude locked the door, and he jetted. He just took off."

Police found Duvall and arrested him for impersonating a peace officer and receiving stolen property. The Hobbs family says they hope Duvall gets what he deserves, but the experience hasn't completely robbed them of their compassion. "Probably I would still give him the peanut butter and jelly sandwich anyway," Judy Hobbs said, "I feel sorry for him. I'm just that type of person. I feel sorry for people, and they get the best of me."

Georgetown Police say the problems didn't end after Duvall's arrest. They say once Duvall was taken into custody at the Scott County Detention Center, he required medical attention, and jail officials eventually released him. Soon after, police received another call about Duvall, who was bleeding and in need of hospitalization.

Duvall is now back in custody. Jail officials aren't commenting on why he was initially released, but Georgetown Police are investigating.

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