Laurel County Teen Finds Motorcycle Victim

People in the East Bernstadt area say it's actually not all that uncommon to find accident victims and their wrecked vehicles below the steep grade of Ky. 3094. But what Tyler Salva found Tuesday morning on his way to school is something he'll probably never forget.

“I was shocked. I've never seen anything like that before,” says Salva, a student at North Laurel Middle School in London.

What he saw was the lifeless body of Hershel Woods, 42.

“It looked like an older man laying face down in the grass. I see a motorcycle laying the brush thicket,” said Salva, who was just into a 30 min. ride to North Laurel Middle School.

Police say Woods crashed into a sign and he was thrown from the bike. Police say he was found about 20 feet from the bike. He wasn't wearing a helmet.

Tyler’s mother, Rebecca, is proud that her son found the man, for the comfort that it might bring a family looking for their lost loved one.

“When you go to church and stuff, they say things happen for a reason, for him to find somebody and let the family know so they can be contacted,” she said.

Tyler and his mother say Tuesday's accident was just the latest in a rash of bad accidents in what they're calling a dangerous curve.

“Where it's a sharp curve and you go to your right, if you get any speed or anything, it's automatic that you're going to go over the bank,” said Rebecca Salva.

Police say are still investigating what caused Woods to wreck the bike.

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