Police Say Taser Saved Man's Life

They've been heavily criticized for their use in several high profile arrests across the country. Some claim they've even killed people.

But police in Georgetown say using a taser on a man Tuesday actually saved his life.

And officials say this is proof that tasers aren't as bad as some might think.

Police say around 3 Tuesday morning, they got a call about a man threatening to jump from a parking garage.

When they responded, officers decided the best way to keep the man from jumping was to shock him with a taser.

The 50,000 volt taser subdued the man, and he was brought to safety.

While some say there's plenty of negatives to using tasers, police say there are plenty of benefits too.

Georgetown police officers have used tasers for 2 years now. Officers say in the past, they've used tasers to save the lives of two other people threatening to commit suicide.

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