U.S Marshals Track Lexington Sex Offender To Texas

Four months after a convicted sex offender from Lexington skipped town, U.S. Marshals arrested him in San Antonio, Texas.

Jason Wayne Bennett, 25, was wanted for being non-compliant with Kentucky's sex offender registry. Marshals said they received a tip from Lexington Police which led them right to Bennett.

Court records show Bennett became a registered sex offender in 2005 after being convicted in Lexington on three counts of 3rd degree rape. In 2006, Bennett was arrested again for raping a 13-year-old girl with whom he also had a child.

After he was released from jail, Bennett failed to show up for court appearances and police have been looking for him since. Investigators say they're not sure if there are any more victims since Bennett has been on the run.

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