102-year-old casts her ballot

Out of the thousands of Central Kentuckians headed to the polls, one of the oldest walked through the doors today to vote.

102 year old Bess Thornton has signed her name and cast her ballot for every election she can remember.

Now the method may have changed and the names on the ballot are certainly different, but the reason for voting is always the same.

"My daddy was great on it. You had to vote. He took me regardless of whether I could go or not."

Thornton's father worked the polls.

And now her daughter does the same.

Margaret Greynolds says, "I usually work this precinct but today I decided I better get everybody here and they were saying that it looks like a big turnout.

Greynolds believes many of these races are going to be close in numbers.

That's why she made sure her mother got a chance to get out and vote.

"I think they're gonna be close in the county. I think they're gonna be close in the state and I think certainly they're gonna be close at the national level."

Thornton says, "'long as I can fold clothes I can vote, long as I can be there."

Thornton says she did not vote for individual candidates this year.

She chose to do a straight party vote.

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