Ragland Returns To Court For Civil Case

A familiar case returns to court in Fayette County, but this time, Shane Ragland isn't fighting criminal charges.

The family of Trent DiGuiro, who Ragland admitted to killing, has filed a civil case.

The meeting today lasted less than a half hour between the attorney's for Shane Ragland and the DiGiuro family.

And while the two sides are far from reaching an agreement at this point, they are starting to lay the ground work.

Earlier today, behind closed doors attorneys for both the Ragland and DiGiuro families met for the first time since the criminal trial of Ragland.

This time, they met to discuss civil charges brought against Ragland.

The meeting in Judge Clark's chamber lasted no longer than a half hour.

After the meeting, 27 NEWSFIRST spoke with Tom Conway, the lawyer for the Digiuro's family, who says he plans on presenting his case before a jury and letting them determine how much money, if any, Shane Ragland owes to the DiGiuro family.

Conway also says there might be additional civil lawsuits filed against other's close to Ragland if he feels the need to do so.

Conway tells 27 NEWSFIRST it could be a long time before this case goes before a jury.

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