Eastern Kentucky Deputy Charged With Murder

An Eastern Kentucky special deputy faces murder charges tonight, months after officials say he shot a man at a party.

It happened back in June in Harlan County.

The victim died several weeks after the shooting, but officials waited until today to file charges.

Friends and family of Leslie Cox have said from the beginning that the shooting of Cox was personal and not necessary.

Cox's family was having a birthday party, when police say there were reports of people fighting at the Harlan County Lake.

That's when Special Deputy Scott Moore showed up.

Police say Moore told everyone in the area to leave, and that's when they say Cox charged at the deputy.

Police reports say Deputy Moore struck Cox with his gun and shot him in the head.

The victim's family have disputed the story, saying Cox never charged at the deputy.

They say Deputy Moore was out to harm Cox because of a personal vendetta.

Cox died in the hospital close to a month after he was shot.

Kentucky State Police began an investigation, which resulted in a murder indicted against Deputy Moore.

Moore was put in jail this morning on a 25 thousand dollar bond.
He's now out of jail, pending a trial date.

The Harlan County Sheriff says Moore's position as deputy has now been revoked.

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