Police Testify About Danville Toddler Who Ingested Cocaine

The Danville police officer who arrested the toddler's mother, Ashley Carrier, and his aunt, Jessica Coffeman, said when officers first learned that the child was taken to the hospital, Coffman wouldn't let police search the house.

Officer J.C. Courtwright said that Coffman demanded a search warrant. Officers searched the home anyway, and Officer Courtwright said that Coffman told them the child must have ingested medicine.

Police say they never found any medicine container as described by Coffman. But while officers were still at the home, Courtwright said they received word from the hospital that the baby had tested positive for cocaine. Both women were later arrested.

Police say other family members talked about how a bag of cocaine was seen in Ashley Carrier's purse and that one of the women was seen flushing the baggie down the toilet.

Defense attorneys asked if there were any attempts to retrieve the bag of cocaine and the officer said no.

Both women remain in the Boyle County Detention Center without any reduction in bond.

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