Jury Deliberates in McDonald's Hoax Suit

SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (AP) - For nearly four weeks, attorneys have
passed blame around over who was responsible for strip searching
and sexually abusing a McDonald's employee in 2004. Now the
decision about who will be held responsible is in the hands of an
eight-woman, four-man jury. The panel returned to Bullitt County
Circuit Court this morning and began deliberations over who is to
blame for what happened in the back office of the Mount Washington
branch of the fast-food giant in April 2004.

Twenty-one-year-old Louise Ogborn is suing McDonald's, accusing
the company of negligence leading up to her being strip searched
and sexually abused. In her suit, Ogborn claimed the company failed
to warn her and other employees about a hoax caller posing as a
police officer who had already struck other McDonald's stores and
other fast-food restaurants across the country. Ogborn is seeking
$200 million in compensatory and punitive damages.

During closing arguments on Wednesday, McDonald's attorney, W.R. "Pat" Patterson, said McDonald's is a good corporate citizen that
cannot be held responsible for mistakes made by employees.

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