Man At Wal-Mart Refuses to Leave Lawnchair

LEBANON, Ky. (AP) - He's been reclining in a lawn chair since yesterday afternoon and David McCarty of Lebanon says he's going to stay there until he and Wal-Mart work out a disagreement over his property.

A new Wal-Mart is being constructed adjacent to his property and the 59-year-old McCarty is ready to sell his property to the retail giant when the price is right. He insists he hasn't talked with Wal-Mart about a price for his property. He added that he talked with a local attorney Wal-Mart sent to talk with him about making a dynamite shot ten feet from his property line.

He claims he told the lawyer he wasn't moving.

McCarty has lived at the same location for ten years. He says he's not opposed to Wal-Mart building a store and just wants a fair price for his property.

Police, the construction company and Wal-Marts attorney visited the property Wednesday night, but McCarty didn't move. Wal-Mart officials told Louisville's WHAS-TV it had gone to great lengths to work with McCarty and the company claims that once dynamite is planted in the ground, it must stay there. The store officials insisted they were trying to resolve the situation.

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