Missing dog found after seven years

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A dog missing for seven years has been found hundreds of miles from home.

The seven-year-old Weimaraner named jake turned up in the city of Ravenna in Estill County, but it turns out, the dog was from Michigan, more than 400 miles from home. The dog disappeared from his home in Michigan seven years ago back when Jake was just a puppy. Now the owners are set for a happy reunion.

No one at the Estill County Animal Shelter knows how Jake got there. "He was dropped off overnight when we're closed outside in that kennel," the shelter's Sandie Clark said.

The dog was left without any paperwork. The shelter had no information on him at all until they scanned him for a microchip identifier. With the information from the chip, the shelter was able to find the dog's owner who hadn't seen his beloved Weimaraner since the dog was stolen from his home in Michigan almost seven years ago. "This is just crazy," Jake's owner Brad Davis said, "I could not believe they called and said that they had him down there, and you know we were still very skeptical about it, and then when they sent us the pictures, we could see right then."

Davis says back in 2003, the family left the six-month-old puppy in their yard on a cable, alone for no more than 45 minutes. When they returned, Jake was gone. The Davis's daughter Isabella was only two at the time, but when the shelter sent the family photos of Jake, Isabella immediately recognized her former puppy. "We showed her the actual pictures," Davis said, "and you know she loved it, and she said, 'I always knew he was coming back.' It was really something."

As for Jake, he may not yet realize he's about to have a reunion, but for now all the attention is enough to make a tail wag.

Workers at the shelter say Jake is a little skinny, but aside from that, he appears to be in good health. Brad Davis drove down from Michigan Wednesday to pick up the dog.

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