Garrard County Family Loses Everything In Fire

For a Garrard County family of two adults and four children, a house on Highway 39 was more than just a house; it was their home, and now it's all gone.

‘I'm just feeling so bad for those children,” says Mary Baker.

Mary Baker’s stepdaughter Christy and her mother Nancy called the Half Century Old House Home. Christy's four children also lived here.

“I’m just thinking of what those poor children are going to think when they get out of school today because they have been uprooted before, and it really upsets them” Baker said.

The fire broke out after 9 o’clock Thursday morning. No one was home and it didn't take long for the Buckeye volunteer firefighters to realize whose home it was.

For many, fighting the flames quite literally hit home.

“One of the firefighters is Christy's uncle, Jesse Denny. And some of them are just neighbors,” says Baker.

“It makes you want to, but you really can't do no more, but you want to. Ain't no more that you can do,” says Buckeye Firefighter Richard Harrison.

Relatives say the Baker’s have insurance to replace what's lost.

A few pets didn't make it. Some dogs did.

No one else was injured, but a community is now helping a family of six that is hurting in other ways.

“There's been an outpouring here of neighbors and things coming in, offering clothing and furniture. It's a great community here,” says Baker.

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