Pit bull Attack Has Neighbor Outraged

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The people that live along Tatesbrook drive say it's a very active neighborhood, meaning children's, and pets often play outside. Fortunately on Friday night not many people were witness to a vicious attack that took place.

"I've never seen anything like it," Jacob Davenport, 10, said.
"This pit bull just came up and grabbed cat and killed it, the cat was fighting with it's hinds legs."

Davenport's mother, Sherie Poikus, told Jacob to go into the house then she called police.
Poikus says before police arrived, the owner of the dog, grabbed it and took off in their car.

"Given the amount of children living on this block it could've been much worse," Poikus said."It could have been someone's kid."

Lexington police say less than an hour before responding to this call, they were also involved in a pit bull attack downtown that incident involved two dogs.

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