Man Says Bad Chicken Feed Killed His Chickens

A Cynthiana man says the feed he bought from a Paris Wal-mart killed his chickens, turkeys and other birds.
William Cash says he bought six bags of Family Farm brand corn feed for his 10 year-old son to feed to his 45 birds.
The next day some of his animals had died.
When cash went to find out why he said mold could be found through the feed.
He took the animals to the vet and was told the mold was killing the chickens, turkeys and guineas.
Cash then took the bags back to Wal-Mart and told the manager of the problem. Wal-Mart did refund his money, but when he returned to the store he found the same bags on the shelf.
The manager of the Wal-Mart refused to comment, however the corporate office says they will look into the matter saying customer safety is it's greatest concern. The feed bags for sale also contain labels warning that mold may be present and could be deadly.

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