Police investigate robberies around UK campus

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Police in Lexington are still investigating after two early morning robberies around UK's campus.

The first robbery happened around 2:45 Tuesday morning as a student walked along Columbia Avenue. Just a minute later, another student was robbed near Pennsylvania Avenue.

While police have some persons of interest in the case, they're still warning students to be on the lookout.

One victim told police two men approached him and one appeared to have a gun--alarming news for those living in the area.

"We were like, oh my gosh, you know, cause these are his neighbors," says Jordan Owens, a UK student.

Police say the victim's description of one of the robbers on Pennsylvania Avenue matched the description of the man from the other robbery, which happened at Oldham Court and Columbia Avenue.

That victim told police the robber held an object believed to be a gun to his back and demanded his cell phone, backpack and wallet.

A few hours later, Lexington Police were called to the other side of campus for a disturbance involving two cars.

When police arrived, they found three men in a car on State Street. All three were questioned at the scene and police searched the car, but did not find any of the stolen items.

Police say at least one of the men matches the descriptions of the robbers. One was arrested, but for unrelated charges.

While police did not arrest any of the three men for this mornings robberies, they are considered suspects.

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