Former UK player releasing book about life challenges

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A former UK basketball favorite is taking on a new challenge.

Mark Krebs is set to release his first book, Beyond a Dream.

Mark's mother, Terri, recently passed away following a battle with breast cancer for the past 9 years.

"She was in a wheelchair because of all of the spine surgeries," Mark says.

Now he's sharing his story, detailing two life changing experiences, being a part of the fabled history that is Kentucky basketball, and watching his mother fight breast cancer.

Terri was first diagnosed with breast cancer when Mark was a high school freshman.

"They gave her 9 months to live. That was tough to hear because I didn't really know about putting a time limit on it. But neither did she, as she lasted 9 years. While she was alive she helped others going through similar situations and now I can kind of take on that role."

He also hopes the book will encourage other young athletes.

Krebs achieved his dream when he donned that UK uniform.

"I was in an amazing position to play at the place I loved growing up. Making it as a walk on, getting a scholarship under Coach Calipari. It was the most exciting year I had. The turnaround from the NIT to the Elite 8, we had a brotherhood, it was very special."

Terri passed away before the book was complete.

With its publishing, he hopes to pass along his mother's words of wisdom and inspiring life outlook to others.

"I don't sweat the small stuff. Keep focused on what I want to do in life and don't let things get in my way. Enjoying the small moments that people take for granted."

Beyond a Dream is set to be released Oct. 1.

Mark will have book signings around the city scheduled soon.

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