Fire at Richmond home being called suspicious

Around 11:15 Friday night, Paula Ferrell called Richmond firefighters out to Parrish Avenue.

"I was driving by, got up to the top of the hill and I smelled smoke," says Ferrell.

It's a smell she recognized immediately, because Ferrell's seen two homes on her street burn to the ground before.

"I knew the smoke and I knew what it was. I knew a house was on fire."

Ferrell says she called 911 and started blowing her horn to wake her neighbors, while her fiance tried to kick in the door to see if anyone was inside.

"We were just in the house playing Wii and watching TV and I heard someone blowing the horn and I got up and looked outside and the house behind me here was on fire," says neighbor Lindsey Stone.

Ferrell got the attention of Stone, and she had just enough time to move her car away from the flames.

"It's good to know that we all kinda watch out for each other," says Stone.

Richmond Fire hasn't been able to determine the cause just yet.
They are calling this an ongoing investigation, and brought in an arson dog from Lexington Friday night.

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