Several arrests made in theft case

Sheriffs deputies arrested several people in connection with a theft case in southern Kentucky.

Investigators say some thieves took off with several items from Gray Metal in Knox County.

Last Tuesday, the Laurel County Sheriff's Department says deputies received word that the stolen items had been sold at PSC Metals.

Investigators say video and photographs taken at PSC identified Arthur Shepherd, Terry McFall, and Curtis Lewis as the people who sold the material.

As a deputy, who had been investigating at PSC, was leaving, the sheriff's department says the suspects pulled into the parking lot in a car.

The deputy was able to stop the car there, but investigators say Shepherd ran off.

They say McFall, Lewis, April Sanderson, and a 3-year-old girl were also in the car.

The sheriff's department says they also found prescription pills and drug paraphernalia in the car. Investigators say they also found more stolen items from Gray Metal in the trunk of the car.

McFall, Lewis, and Sanderson were arrested at the scene.

Investigators say the 3-year-old was turned over to social services.

Later that night, the sheriff's department says they received a tip as to Shepherd's whereabouts.

When police showed up at a home in Laurel County where Shepherd was, they say he jumped out a window in an attempt to escape. However, police able to arrest him.

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