City investigating claims of taxi drivers overcharging

With thousands of extra people visiting Lexington, cab companies have seen an increase in business. Now the mayor's office wants to make sure that increase is only in the amount of fares they're picking up and not in the amount of money they're charging.

After receiving several complaints from customers of overcharging by taxi drivers, Mayor Jim Newberry met with officials from the three cab companies that operate in Lexington.

The goal was to ensure the rates being charged by the cabs are fair in an effort to protect visitors. The three companies proposed a set of uniform rates from the Horse Park to various locations around Lexington.

Will McGinnis, who owns Lex Taxi, says the best way consumers can protect themselves is to be proactive if they believe they are being charged too much.

"We tell everyone to get the drivers name, the cab number and the name of the company so they can call us if there is a problem," McGinnis said.

Just to show you how much extra business the games have brought, McGinnis says he's been able to hire ten new drivers and that those are jobs that are going to be around long after the games leave town.

If you have a problem with a cab ride that you haven't been able to resolve with the company, the mayor's office encourages you to call Lex-Call at 3-1-1.

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