Four men burned in charcoal plant fire remain at UK Hospital

A friend of the 4 men burned in the accident at the Kingsford Plant in Burnside Friday say all of them remain at UK hospital…in medically induced comas..and on respirators.

Jamie Dancy was one of 4 men hurt while welding on a silo used to store charcoal..during a maintenance time of the year when the silo is supposed to be empty of all combustible materials. But despite the severity of the fire…Dancy…was still able to call his fiancee.

“He called and said there had been an accident, there were flying him to UK,” said Day’s Fiance’ Donna Elizabeth Wise.

Today she says Dancy was upgraded to serious condition, but the conditions of Jerry King, Gason Roberts, and Dana Mayrand haven’t changed much since their arrival. However, UK Hospital reports that King is the only one that is still in “critical” condition.

“These guys’ lungs, when they inhaled the chemicals, some of their lungs got burnt, extremely burnt,” Wise said.

The 4 were sent to UK with first to third degree burns..

“Two of the guys have had surgery, luckily my fiancé has had no surgery, no plastic surgery,” she said.

Dancy has worked at Kingsford about 3 years. Company officials said Friday that the three others have at least 5 to 10 years experience.

“They’re jack of all trades. These guys…they can do everything,” Wise said.

Now their family hopes that includes..making a speedy..and full recovery.

The state fire marshal was back on the scene Monday but all that company officials would say is that the investigation is “ongoing.”

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