Police say man targets ex-girlfriend despite EPO

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April Wells says she and her 9-year old daughter are in hiding after losing their home on Parrish Ave. in Richmond to a fire Friday. Police say Wells' ex-boyfriend,Scott Milligan, is a suspect for torching the home.

"He threatened to burn us alive, me and my daughter, and it's his daughter, too," says Wells.

Richmond Police say the threats and domestic violence date back to earlier this month. Wells filed an Emergency Protective Order against Milligan on September 8 after he reportedly pointed a loaded shotgun at her and broke several windows out of her car.

"I think we've all seen domestic violdence situations that turned tragic, so we think this is serious," says Richmond Police Chief Larry Brock.

Investigators say Milligan sped off from police after violating the protective order several times and has been on the run since.

"It seems he's going down a path that's going to lead to a bad outcome if we don't intervene," says Brock.

Police and Wells are now hoping the community will come to their aid.

"If someone sees him maybe they'll call and turn him in," says Wells. "He's dangerous."

Wells says she and her daughter have safe places to stay.

Milligan is wanted on several charges including violating an EPO, fleeing and evading police, and wanton endangerment.