School's New Procedure Raises Controversy

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A new eastern Kentucky school opened its doors with a new procedure, preventing parents from walking their children to the classroom.

More than one hundred parents showed up at a site based council meeting to voice their concerns.

Parents were very heated at Tuesday night's meeting at the new Prestonsburg Elementary School.

With the new school building opening on Monday, the principal and her staff felt there were safety issues with parents walking their children to class.

Parents who walked their children to class every day in the old school building felt there was no need to change the policy.

Principal Gwen Hile-Frazier says she changed the child drop off plan for safety reasons.

With the new school farther away from the local police department, she thinks the likelihood for danger is greater.

But parents were not happy with the new decision and some say the new plan is not organized.

Some parents were surprised to find they needed to draw a number to pick up their child from school.

Some parents feel there was no need to change the previous policy.

After hours of discussion, the principal and her staff decided to go back to the previous school plan.

“Do I still think it's the best solution? I'm not sure. I still have a problem with people coming in and out of the building and me not knowing who's here,” Principal Hile-Frazier said.

For the rest of this week, parents will drop off their children at the front door and they will be escorted by the principal and her staff to their classrooms.

Starting Monday, a new parking lot will be finished, allowing parents to drop off their children and walk them into their classrooms if they choose.

Also beginning tomorrow, parents will be allowed to pick up their children from the classrooms.

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