Marion Jones Scandal Hits Close To Home.

The Marion Jones doping scandal is hitting close to home.

Marion Jones broke down in tears Friday when she admitted to the world that she did indeed use steroids in the 2000 Olympics. She won 3 gold and 2 bronze medals, and now they will all be stripped from her.

Passion Richardson, who's from Lexington, appeared on the CBS Early Show this morning talking about her disgraced former teammate. Richardson was a teammate of Marion Jones and won a bronze medal with her in Sydney.

Richardson speaks out about the deception, the betrayal and how she feels about news that she may have to return the bronze medal she won.

Marion Jones will be back in court January 11th for her sentencing hearing and has been ordered to turn over her passport.

Officials from the International Olympic Committee and other track-and-field organizations are prepared to wipe the name of Marion Jones from the record books, strip her of all world championship medals, pursue her for prize money and possibly ban her from any future Olympics in any capacity.

This investigation may now be expanded to include other Olympic athletes, officials and coaches.

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