Two Men Reunited 65 Years After Tragic Accident

As a teenager, a prominent Lexington businessman saved the life of a small boy.

He says he never expected to get a thank you for his heroic act, but more than six decades later, he finally received one.

Bill Hoskins and Bill Allison have a lot of catching up to do.

It was wartime in 1942, and Bill Hoskins, then 16, was enjoying a day at Herrington Lake.

5-year-old Billy Allison was being held over the side of a small boat by his uncle, so he could splash in the water.

But somehow Billy got loose and fell into the water. Both his father and uncle dove in after him.

The two older men both drowned, but Billy was saved when Hoskins swam out to grab him and pulled him to the safety of a nearby boat.

It was the last time they would see each other for 65 years.

Bill Allison's mother had remarried to a military man and moved little Billy with them all over the map, but never talked about the man who saved him or about his siblings in Kentucky.

This May, Bill and his wife made a visit to Kentucky where he had gone to college at EKU.

They looked up articles at the Lexington Library about the day of the drownings.

Finally, he knew the name of the man who saved him.

He's still searching for a half brother named Martin Perry Sauer.

Bill Allison was the student body president at EKU. He and his family now live in Washington State.

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