Ignoring Burning Ban Causes Big Problem

We're in the midst of a severe drought and people across the state have been ordered not to burn anything outside. That ban hasn't stopped some people from burning brush in their own back yards and that can lead to a dangerous situation.

That was the case on Thursday morning in Anderson County.

Firefighters were called out to an area on Wheats Mill Road, near the Mercer County line. Fire crews say someone was trying to burn off a pile of debris and that started a big grass fire.

Crews stayed on the scene for much of the morning to make sure the flames didn't flare back up.

Just a reminder, the statewide burning ban is still in effect.

Kentucky fire season lasts through December 15th. Fire officials recommend homeowners keep landscaping clean and well-trimmed and keep dry brush away from their homes in case a fire breaks out near-by.

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