Close Neighbors Could Be A Hazard

Some Lexington homeowners are concerned about a new housing trend. Houses in the city are being built closer and closer and some residents feel it could create a fire hazard.

Just this past week, nearly 50 firefighters were called to a fire at a home on Parsons Lane. Some worked to put out the flames, while others made sure it didn't spread. Still the house next door, which is only about 7 feet away, was damaged.

Asst. Fire Chief Chuck Fowler says when crews come to a scene where houses are only feet apart there is a threat of fires spreading to several houses nearby. 27 Newsfirst asked Fowler if there is an ideal amount of space that should separate home.
He says, "we just need enough room to work"

Fowler says ladder, trucks, and hoses need room to maneuver, and houses that are built closely do not always allow that.

However, Fowler says Lexington Fire Officials are resilient and have learned to work out any situation they encounter.

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