State Police Dig For Clues In Cold Case

Investigators in Eastern Kentucky spent four hours digging in Rowan County for the remains of a woman who has been missing for 16 years.

Police brought backhoes to the area off Moores Flat Road in Morehead to search for the body of Stella Gladys Kidd.

During the summer of 1991, Kidd left her Morehead home with a large amount of money she received from selling her farm. Her last known location is from a letter post marked in the Lexington area telling family members not to try and find her. It has never been proven, however, that she wrote the letter of her own free will.

Until now, state police had been unable to search the private property because the owner would not give them permission. Now the bank owns the land and it allowed the dig Friday. Although investigators didn't turn up any clues, they say they're not giving up on finding out what happened to Kidd.

Police say they don't know if Kidd is dead or alive, as she hasn't had contact with family in more than a decade. Kidd should be around 85 years old. If you have any information on this case, or if you would like to check out other cold cases in Ky, click the link below.

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