Remains Found In KY Confirmed To Be Missing Ohio Women

They left for a shopping trip to Kentucky six months ago and never returned home.

Now the family of two Ohio women finally have some answers to what happened.

A hunter found the remains of Ada Wasson and Mary Ellen Walters this weekend at a farm in Henry County.

Police believe they've been their since they disappeared back in April.

Authorities say they knew there was a good chance someone would find the two women during the hunting season, and that's exactly what happened Sunday morning.

80-year-old Ada Wasson and 68-year-old Mary Ellen Walters were on a shopping trip to the J.C. Penny Outlet store, but missed an exit on their way.

A hunter discovered the car in a dry creek bed Sunday morning. Walter's body was near the car, and Wasson's remains were found 600 feet south of the car.

Officials believe she tried to walk for help with the interstate being in eyesight of where they ended up.

Authorities say no foul play is suspected and there was hardly any damage to the car.

Autopsies will be done at the State Medical Examiner's office to verify the identities of the two bodies and to try and figure out if a medical problem may have played a roll in these tragic deaths.

AP Story

LEBANON, Ohio (AP) - Authorities said today that the two women who have been missing since they set out on a shopping trip from a retirement home in April likely missed their exit and got lost trying to find their way back to Interstate 71.

The skeletal remains of 68-year-old Mary Ellen Walters and 80-year-old Ada Wasson were found yesterday in a hayfield not far from the interstate in northern Kentucky.

Major John Newsom of the Warren County sheriff's office says a hunter discovered the car in a dry creek bed and the remains nearby.

He says Walters' remains were next to her vehicle, and those of Wasson were about 600 feet away within sight of the interstate.

Newsom says the women weren't found despite an extensive search
in that area because the field hadn't been used in several years.

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