Trial Date Set in Somerset Dog Abuse Case

It's a story that has picked up a lot of attention. And it all started five months ago when Ronald Shawn Turner's neighbor had a camera rolling when police say Turner severely beat his dog, Romeo. Police say some of the video shows Turner throwing a dog house on top of the dog. And it’s part of the evidence that could be used in Turner's trial.

“People have been outraged and rightly so. I believe all they ask for is some kind of justice in the case,” says Bill Lippert with the Pulaski County Humane Society.

Since the beating, the county attorney has received dozens if not hundreds of letters asking about the case. The story is featured on web sites such as and And all that pre-trial attention concerns Turner's attorney.

“(We’ll) probably be filing a motion for change of venue. We've been tracking it on the internet and things like that,” said Turner’s attorney, Jim Cox, during a pre-trial hearing Monday in Pulaski District Court.

Police say it was one of the worst cases of abuse they've seen. Romeo recovered, and could eventually be adopted to a new family. Hundreds want to take him home, others want the accused to received justice.

“It's my opinion only but I think some jail time would be appropriate. People need to learn that this is not an appropriate behavior in our society anymore,” said Lippert.

Romeo remains in the care of a local veterinarian, where he will stay until the case is resolved.

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