UK Fans Make Turf Dangerous For Players

What a weekend for UK after a huge upset beating top ranked LSU.

After Saturday's big win, thousands of fans stormed the field in celebration.

All the revelry on the field created a tough job for the grounds crew at Commonwealth.

Some of the fans even took a little souvenier with them in the form of a handful of the playing surface, leaving holes in the field.

From afar the field doesn't look that bad, but when you look up close you can see the damage. There is usually a lot of wear and tear after a big game like we had, but you add thousands of fans trampling the field and you've got yourself a mess.

The grounds crew started work as soon as the field was cleared Saturday night.

Sports Turf Manager Donnie Mefford says it'll take all week to get the field back into tip-top shape for Saturday's game against Florida.

While appearance of the field is important, it's not the most important thing for Mefford's team.

The holes can make the field dangerous for the players, and Mefford's number one goal is to make the field safe.

Mefford says luckily they didn't have to replace any of the sod, they're just trying to re-grow the grass and fix the areas that were trampled by the fans who stormed the field.

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