Girl Dies After Bizarre Accident

Two days after her sister found her unconscious in their backyard, a Lexington girl has died.

Police still don't know exactly what happened to 10-year old Ivy Freeman, who passed away today.

As they investigate, people in her Masterson Station neighborhood, and at Meadowthorpe Elementary where she was a fifth grader, try to cope with what appears to be a bizarre tragedy.

Ivy was hospitalized after neighbors say she was injured while playing in her backyard.

It happened Monday afternoon on Summerfield Dr. in the Masterson Station neighborhood.

Ivy was discovered by her younger sister. Her father attempted CPR while her mother went to call 911.

Police say the girl suffered severe injuries to her neck similar to someone who had been hanged or strangled. They say she could have received those injuries from a swing or rope on her play set.

The Crimes Against Children Unit of Lexington Police are still investigating, but at this point, the child's death remains an accident.

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