Cattlemen Rescue Animals In Southern Kentucky DUI Crash

The trailer was carrying more than 40 head of cattle and when it crashed, 12 were killed. Several dozen others survived.

How they were rescued is being described by those who witnessed it as something you would see in a Wild West show.

“I’d say about 10 or 12 cows were out running around there, running around in the middle of the road, running around everywhere,” says James Hunt of James’ Towing and Recovery.

James Hunt arrived on Highway 22-27 to tow away the big cattle rig late Monday night. But before he could take it away, he joined nearly 60 others in rounding up cattle.

“It was just unbelievable, you have a bunch of mad cows; they don't want to do nothing, but run,” said Hunt.

Nearly 30 cows survived the crash and now, they're in the care of Jansen Upchurch and other cattlemen who helped bring them in.

Upchurch says it took more than six hours to lasso, corral, and gather up the animals.

“They were scared. Some of them were trying to fight, not knowing what to do,” said Upchurch.

“As one of the officers said, if those guys hadn't showed up, we'd still be out there,” says Somerset Police Det. Shannon Smith.

Police say the man driving the truck, Rodney Cook of Lancaster, South Carolina was drunk when he failed to make the 90 degree turn, which intersects with the new 4-lane Highway 27.

He was taken to jail and now, nearly 30 cows and bulls are in the cattlemen's care.

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