Catron Laid to Rest in Somerset

A husband killed while Somerset Police Chief, a son shot down in the line of duty, but even through tragedy, Catron herself spoke of how bad events can actually help a family.

“Our whole family has been brought together because of it. We've realized what it means to stand together,” Jennie Catron said, after a court appearance of Kenneth White, one of three men convicted in her son’s death in December of 2003.

Her son, Lewis, says he and his three siblings were always taught that life's never a bed of roses.

“Dad and mom both instilled in us, things are going to happen. And you don't look back, you look forward,” Lewis Catron, Jennie Catron’s son.

After Sam Catron's death, the Catron family endorsed Todd Wood, who later was elected Sheriff and recently won a second term in office.

“Her family that she raised, you can certainly tell by looking at them what they meant to their community; they care about their community, people in it,” said Sheriff Wood.

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