Strong Storms May Be Moving Toward Kentucky

We've already seen deadly damage caused by the storm moving toward Kentucky.

A tornado in Florida destroyed everything from homes to a shopping mall.

A possible twister killed two people in Missouri, and in Oklahoma, 30 people are injured.

This storm is proving to pack a powerful punch everywhere it travels, touching everyone and everything in it's path.

In Tulsa, buildings have been leveled, including one that had three thousand people inside.

In a nearby mobile home park, twenty-five homes were destroyed.

And the storm kept moving to Missouri.

In Springfield, a twister caught dozens of homes and people in it's path.

The fight for survival is also on in Mississippi and Florida, where storms there have left people homeless.

Now that same storm is headed our way.

Dozens of people have been seriously injured in these storms, and several have been killed.

As to storm damage, a total won't be counted for quite some time.

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