House Fires Strike Twice In Neighborhood; Arson Suspected In One

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Two houses catch fire in the same neighborhood. The first fire broke out in a condemned home on Greenwood ave. Firefighters say it burned to the ground within 30 minutes.

Officials say the fire was so hot, and the wind was so powerful, both houses next door also caught fire. Just as crews were rapping up a second fire broke out two blocks down in a house on Lindenberg rd.
A family, including small children, and a dog were inside.

They all made it out thanks to the man who lives there. That man Donald Chambers went back inside to get everyone out.

He was taken to UK Hospital for smoke inhalation. One fire fighter was also injured at the scene. He fell while exiting one the houses.

Fire investigators now say the fire at the home on Greenwood Avenue appears to be arson. The investigation continues.

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