Injured Firefighter Undergoes Second Surgery

A Lexington firefighter who suffered serious burns while battling a house fire continues his recovery.

Lieutenant Rich Carlin has undergone one surgery, but is scheduled for another one on Friday morning.

Carlin was hurt back on October 8th. He's being treated in the burn unit at UK Medical Center.

Fire officials say Carlin's recovery has been difficult and he's in a great deal of pain. We're told he's able to walk a little and is now undergoing occupational therapy.

According to fire officials, Carlin's wife says they are overwhelmed by the support they have received. The prayers, cards, notes, e-mails, and other gestures of kindness have been a great help in keeping his spirits up.

A banner that was set up last weekend in Fayette Mall was delivered to the Calin family. It included almost 100 well-wishes.

Rich Carlin is a 12 year veteran of the Lexington Fire Department.

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