Water Shortage Warning Issued For Part Of Eastern Kentucky

LEXINGTON, KY -- The Lexington Herald-Leader is reporting the statewide drought has forced state officials to issue a water shortage warning for Eastern Kentucky's Harlan and Letcher counties and the Elkhorn Creek watershed area in Pike County.

The newspaper states the region has received up to 18 inches less rain than normal, resulting in low-flow conditions in creeks that are the source for many local water supplies.

U. S. Drought Monitor officials told the newspaper that drought conditions in the southeastern region of Kentucky were deemed "exceptional." The National Weather Service predicts there will be no significant improvement in precipitation over the next three months, according to the newspaper.

A water shortage warning means the availability of water has reached a critically low level and that a shortage of potable water may result, according the Kentucky Division of Water, reports the Herald-Leader.

Officials says citizens in the warning areas should reduce water use. Previous water shortage warnings for Warren, Simpson and Magoffin counties remain in effect.

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