Kentucky Minister Accused Of Causing Deadly Crash

A southern Kentucky minister, known for helping others, is now accused of ending a life.

Claude Davis went before a judge today, accused of causing an accident that killed a woman in McCreary County last June.

The victim's family wants justice, but the minister's supporters say Davis is innocent.

Very little was left of the car that Abigail Marler was driving on June 8th, when police say Miracle in Motion Minister Claude Davis plowed into the back of her on U.S. 27.

Davis pleaded not guilty to the charges in court Monday. His supporters say Davis shouldn't be charged, but Marler's family disagrees.

Marler was a nurse on her way to pick up a paycheck when she died. But her family says the woman spent much of her time looking for her daughter, Crystal, who's been missing for nearly a decade.

Davis will be back in court on December 4th.

Marler's family members say witnesses saw Davis speeding before the accident, but police reports show that he was going about 50 to 55 miles an hour.

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