11-Year-Old Whitley Boy Dies After Inhaling Chemical Substance

Death is never an easy subject, mixed among the reading, writing, and arithmetic at an elementary school.

“The last two days have been sad,” says Whitley Schools Psychologist Ralph Johnson.

Whitley North Elementary is home to 400 students and many of them knew 11-year-old Adam Napier who died Sunday. The coroner says the 5th grader died of asphyxiation, which means he came into contact with some kind of unknown chemical.

Grief counselors worked both Monday and Tuesday and saw students react in different ways.

Funeral services are set for Thursday and family members say they're having a hard time coming up with the money. They say they need $2,000 by Wednesday morning and because of that, the funeral home is accepting donations to help the family out.

Children at Adam's school are helping in other ways.

“Different students have wanted to make cards and write letters to their friend and his family,” says Principal Larry Brown.

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